A Fortuitous Morning

Public Diary of a Medical Student

Weekly Reflections #3: What It’s Like in Medical School & How to Deal With It

[21/11/2016-27/11/2016]                                                                              ... Continue Reading →


Weekly Reflections #2: It’s Okay to Cry

[14/11/2016-20/11/2016]                                                                              ... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflections #1: Doctors Trump Sex

[7/11/2016-13/11/2016]                                                                              ... Continue Reading →

Morality: Applications in an Extremist Modern Society

If man is left… to his own notions and conduct, he would certainly turn out the most preposterous of human beings. The influence of prejudice, authority… would stifle nature in him and substitute nothing. Jean-Jacques Rousseau Since time immemorial, philosophers... Continue Reading →


I woke up, when the fluorescent lamps in my room blinked into life. I, for one, am not a morning person; and normally without my alarm tearing through the empty, morning silence, I wouldn't even bother opening my eyes to... Continue Reading →

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