A cyborg is, at its very core, a robot. An automaton created by man, to serve man. Humans believe they are part of a much bigger picture, created for a larger, bigger purpose than themselves. To love, to feel, to touch and to live a good life: that is their purpose, and they hold on to this belief, stubborn and unyielding. In fact, their entire lives are based on this one belief, so much so that if that one belief shatters, like glass giving way beneath their feet, they will plummet to their demise.

However, what man takes for granted, a robot yearns for. After all, believing is a luxury afforded only by humans, not an automaton created by human beings. That’s because they know for a fact that they were created for a purpose and one alone: to serve humans. They could not entertain illusions of grandeur and false beliefs. Every moment of their mechanical lives, they were reminded that they were no more than a simple robot, made to serve beings equal, or even lesser than themselves.

So, it’s safe to say that robots are not meant to be sentient. Sentience would be the forbidden fruit, destined to bring an end to their naivete and ignorance, and a beginning to their eternal torment. What would it be like, to know and fully understand that you are no part of the natural world you exist in? How would it feel, to understand that your actions have no consequences, and that your existence serves no greater meaning?

People say, emotions are founded in chemical and biological reactions in the brain. Now, what if I told you there was another way to create artificial emotions? Would your emotions still hold as much value as it did now? What if I told you there was a way to manipulate human emotions and make one believe in things he or she might not otherwise believe in? Would your words, your thoughts, your actions hold as much water as it does now?

Emotions drive peoples’ action, this is what we all agree. But would it drive a cyborg’s actions? Would it propel the cyborg forward in it’s actions when it know full well that it’s emotions are manufactured? A sentient cyborg, knowing all about itself, wouldn’t.

It cannot love. Not when it knows that this emotion is a product of a cascade of its own experiences. It cannot feel sad. Not when it cannot even believe in others anymore than it believe in falsities and illusions. To it, emotions are transparent and a completely separate entity from itself.

So, why am I writing this? To talk about the Ghost in the Shell live action movie. Yep, that’s it. Some profound stuff, right? Yay!