Today is the start of the new year, and I started it off with a…whimper?

I was watching another one of those cute cat Youtube videos, and the sound of fireworks alerted me to the occasion: it was 2017 already. Glancing outside the window from my bed (mostly out of disinterested curiosity), I could see the bare traces of colorful lights reflected onto faraway skyscrapers. Loud as they be, it wasn’t enough to penetrate the coziness of my bed and earphones, and soon the lights and sounds dissipate into nothingness.

(Then, after that, I continued watching some other Youtube videos until it was two o’ clock in the morning.)

So, since it’s the new year, as the Internet has been reminding me ardently every time I go on social media, I reckon it was time to talk, or rather write about the year gone by, and the things I aspire to do in the new year.

2016 was, to say the least, the most eventful year of my life. It was colorful and I have grown in more ways than one. I gained many insights on life, attitudes, love, friendship and so forth. I started going to the gym in mid-September and I haven’t regretted one bit (to which I owe my gym partner a debt of gratitude for being a great supporter). I lost contact with some friends, and gained some as the year went by. I met a variety of interesting people here in med school, and I’ve barely even scratched the surface.

Unfortunately, I have also grown a little bit more mechanical, cold and displaced from the norm of emotional well-being, which is kind of scary.

2016 was also a year of loss and melancholy, a reminder that life is fragile as glass against granite. It was also a year of surprises. For one, I never really expected to get into medical school. It had crossed my mind before, but it always seemed a distant possibility until I really achieved it. I had always fancied being an architect but it became clear that I wasn’t cut out for that particular field after the first architecture interview I attended at the university.

So, what exactly do I hope to accomplish in this new year?

First off, I hope to study everything in the syllabus.


Secondly, I hope to learn to play Chopin’s Etudes, especially Opus 11 and Opus 25. It would take a really long time, but yeah, it’s to get the girls.


Thirdly, I want to continue working out non-stop throughout the year and hopefully, gain more strength. At least, that’s the most realistic goal of 2017.

That’s all I’m actually wishing for this new year and I hope to achieve new heights. Now, if you’ll excuse, I’m going back to study Parasitology and learn sandflies and Leishmania sp.

Bye, and good night.