[7/11/2016-13/11/2016]                                                                                                            Entry No.1

Title of Blog: Doctors Trumps Sex

Hello. It’s been a hell of a crazy week and to be fair, the world went crazy too. In fact, it exploded into a million pieces. Like…


So… where do I start? Ah yes… let’s talk about sex!

Kinky, you might say, but I beg to differ. As a medical student, it’s my job to learn about the human body and it’s quite fun to learn about new things. For example, did you know human farmers stimulate sows’ bodies so that they orgasm while being artificially inseminated? In other words, the human farmer is pleasuring the sow while impregnating it. Now, that’s bestiality in real life. Wait, is bestiality a real thing? Like…  do humans really impregnated animals? In real life? Time to go incognito…




Okay… I’m back from the murky depths of the Internet and boy oh boy, was it murky. Dammit, my innocence is forever tainted. Okay, back to the topic at hand: sex.

So, in University of Malaya’s medical course, our first academic year is divided into five blocks. The first block is two months long, non-exam orientated block focusing on ethics, principalities of being a doctor and language. We were taught pretty much anything, ranging from Koch’s Postulates to Ignas Semmelweiss’ hand washing to, yeah, you guessed it, sex.

I remember the lady lecturer walking eloquently into the lecture hall, and she looked normal… at first. She was quite tall for a lady and had ladylike features: long eyelashes, long, shaven legs etc. Then, being the naughty boy that I am (naughty, naughty), I looked at her chest and… it was flat. A freaking washboard, if you ask me. Her breasts were non-existent.

This raised my suspicion to dangerous levels and I told my friend about it, but he brushed me off. My suspicion was confirmed when she, or rather he told us during the lecture that she is a transgender. I wish you could see my friend’s jaw on the floor.

What’s more, she started talking about sexual taboos, which was the main topic of the lecture. She talked about all sorts of sexual topics like tampons and virginity, and at one point, she cheekily suggested that women should practice giving oral sex to a banana first. Crude, but most of us laughed nonetheless. I threw a glance at the girls across the room and found them having the time of their lives. Hmm…more things to think of at night, eh?


Living in Malaysia, a Muslim dominated country, meant a lot of things for non-Muslim like me. Firstly, there were many things you couldn’t talk about. You couldn’t talk to people about religion without being frowned upon, or at worse, cut off or shunned by others. (More on that another day.) Anything non-halal (i.e. pork, dogs, eels etc.) was a taboo in front of our Muslim fellow citizens. Needless to say, sex was one of the taboos in Malaysian culture. It’s not as if the other communities had an easy time talking about it either.

I reckon it’s time that we start talking about sex, because not talking about it is not helping. Despite strict religious enforcement being placed on Muslims when it comes to pre-marital sex, Malay babies born out of wedlock still take up 40% of the total babies born out of wedlock in Malaysia. Malays who are predominantly Muslims were told their whole lives that sex is an immoral act by the religious authorities, and some of them still do it. Not because they were rebelling on purpose, but simply because they do not understand sex enough.

They are not educated about what sex is, how it works or even why they are not supposed to do it, and so, out of curiosity, they commit what they believe to be sinful. However, due to the stigma that prevails in Malaysia, these pregnant women can turn to no one. They cannot turn to their families for fear of being cast out; they cannot turn to society because everyone will look down on them; they cannot turn to religious counselors because well, they were the ones who caused all of this ruckus in the first place. Heck, they can’t even tell people about what they had gone through, so we will never know if they were ever victimized in the entire ordeal.

Society nowadays are too quick to jump the gun and in the end, everyone talks, nobody listens, and nothing ever gets solved. Just like whatever the heck happened in the USA this week. Bloody crazy, I reckon.

The liberals, the Democrats, and the Republicans; no one bothered to listen anymore and in the end, everyone did what they thought best and the world spun out of control. The liberals, unsatisfied with Trump’s victory took to the streets in protest, while the Republicans, smug with their victory mocked the other side.

Well, to be fair, I was on the fence when I kept myself updated with the polling results. I’m not an American, but I know enough about the two candidates to stay out of this. One is a known corrupt, scandalous politician who has been cozying up to giant corporations for years, and other is a known egomaniac with records of him making countless racist, sexist, white supremacist remarks. None of these candidates would be my pick, and I could see why 46% of Americans refused to vote.

On the other hand, I could see why the Democrats supported Hillary and why the Republicans supported Trump, and in the end, Trump won by a slight margin. Hillary may be a more politically correct choice, given her less than pleasure counterpart, however, she was too passive. She was there just to defeat Donald Trump, to be a viable option, to be the first ever female presidency candidate. In short, people who voted for Hillary might not necessarily supported her, it’s just that they feel strongly against Trump.

Donald Trump, a political outsider, emerged and offered palpable change. He said what millions of people who are frustrated of being shut down countless for being “wrong” have been thinking. True, he might have said crude things about women, Muslims, Latinos, veterans, disabled people, but at the end of the day, his voice resonated with that of those frustrated people.

But, at the end of the day, four years later, no, maybe even eight years later, you can still come to University Malaya Medical Centre and find me doing clinical practice. So, America…