A Fortuitous Morning

Public Diary of a Medical Student

Weekly Reflections #8: The Tribulations of A Sentient Cyborg

A cyborg is, at its very core, a robot. An automaton created by man, to serve man. Humans believe they are part of a much bigger picture, created for a larger, bigger purpose than themselves. To love, to feel, to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflections #7: The Parallels between Culinary Arts and Medicine

  Have you heard of "Kitchen Nightmares", the show hosted by the infamous, foul-mouthed Gordon Ramsey?  I watched some of it the other day, thanks to my obnoxious roommate who had inadvertedly tempted me away from my studies by blasting... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflections #6: Laughing Sorrowfully

The loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their lives fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly. -F. Scott Fitzgerald I pressed my cold, dead hands against the window pane, and felt the warmth... Continue Reading →

Yearly Reflection 2016: New Year, New Me, New Bullsh*t

Today is the start of the new year, and I started it off with a...whimper? I was watching another one of those cute cat Youtube videos, and the sound of fireworks alerted me to the occasion: it was 2017 already.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflections #5: Choking on Our Aspirations

[11/12/2016-18/12/2016]                                                                              ... Continue Reading →

Samsara – A Short Story

It's been two weeks since I last posted, and trust me, it wasn't my fault. Well, technically speaking, it was my fault but still... Well, yeah, my laptop broke down and I had to bring it for repair. Anyway, to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflections #4: Beyond the Past

[28/11/2016-4/12/2016]                                                                              ... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflections #3: What It’s Like in Medical School & How to Deal With It

[21/11/2016-27/11/2016]                                                                              ... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflections #2: It’s Okay to Cry

[14/11/2016-20/11/2016]                                                                              ... Continue Reading →

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